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Lovebird CreationsNZ

Wheat Bags (Made to order)

* Made to Order

Wheat Bags handmade with Aroha (Love).

If you love reusable eco-friendly products this is what you need. Great gift for yourself, an expecting mother or to just add to you First Aid kit. 


  • 1 Wheat Bag
  • Cotton outer
  • Wheat filled


    1. Place in microwave with 1 cup of water and heat for 60 seconds. (Depending on the microwave the time may vary) And always heat with a cup of water to prevent over heating and test on inner wrist before use.
    2. Always place on top of clothes DO NOT place directly on skin.


    • Relief for breastfeeding mums, they deliver warm and moist heat to sore, tender breasts and encourage milk flow, maintains open milk ducts, promotes let-down, relieves engorgement while providing comfort for infections or mastitis.

    • Can be used for all other aches and pains from your shoulders, endo/lady pain, muscle pain or even heating up baby's bed but remember to remove before putting baby in.

    • My personal favourite is having some in the freezer to provide relief for hot engorged breasts or for the kiddies when they have a temperature or swelling. Just place in ziplock bag and store in container in the freezer.


    This product is a non-medical item.


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