About us

Aroha started Lovebird Beautilicious because i saw the need to reduce waste and wondered how my sewing could help reduce waste. And when I was pregnant with my last child I found it hard looking for fun, funky reusable products so I taught myself to sew and turn my hobby into a business.

That's why my main focus is to reduce waste therefore I make the products from scrap materials from other bigger projects or donated scraps. And then with my scraps I then donated them on to be used as stuffing. Some of the products are made and donated to groups who support those in need or less fortunate.

Along the way I faced challenges including deciding which machines I should buy and how I can then upgrade these when I have constant sales, even now I face challenges wondering if I should continue even with decrease sales, but I am persistent and I continue sewing and getting my brand out there and noticed. Through this decreased period I decided to study Small Business so I could be more knowledgeable and understand running a business more and build my business.

We want to be a well known reusable eco-friendly and sustainable product that is very well known and that everyone loves to use.

My products are still made to order and in the future I would love to have  stock piles of everything. 

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